CNC Control for Mach3

Mach4 comming soon...

Control your CNC machine in new style

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Application for CNC control machine working under Mach3 software. The complete solution with support and future functionality.

Two Side Control

-Movement XYZ Axis

-Jog Rate Control

-Feed Rate Control.

-Spindle Speed Control

-Start-Pause-Stop Option.

-And 15 OEM Trigger option

App connection with Wi-Fi. That mean your operation system PC must be connected to local web (cable or Wi-Fi). The TCP ModBus protocol working with Mach3 software must runing with ModBus Slave Simulator, we recommended solution from Is free small software and can be use for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Read the License-free doc.

For Mach3 software we use Cfg #0 and Cfg #1. For Communication we heve build two Brain file.

Instalation and Config.

Download ModBus server and Brain File

Modbus Slave Simulator from or get direct for Win 32 or for win 64

Input Brain file
Output Brain file

1. Basic Configuration Mach3

1.1. Put downloaded Brain File in Mach3 Brain Folder (the version file on the image can be different)

1.2. Get your IP address ex. in windows, run cmd, then write ipconfig and remember it. If there is a host name and not an IP address (with a period), in Windows, go to Settings-> Network & Internet-> Ethernet, then click on the connected Ethernet network and scroll down to the properties section. Then get the IPv4 right address..

1.3. Go to Mach3 menu Config->Ports and Pins and enable the TCP Modbus support

1.4. Go to Mach3 menu Operator->Brain Control... and activate Enabled check box for downloaded Brain file (the version file on the image can be different). Reload All Brains and click OK.

1.5. Go to Mach3 menu Function Cfg's->Setup TCP ModBus and set the necessary data. See Yellow area in screen. All data must be placed in Cfg #0 and Cfg #1 (that works with Brain the file). Set Your IP Address (see step 2).

Important! Brain File Name, represent Register number (ex. AndroidInputV100R26) means you need to put 26 in #of Register Column in TCP Modbus Setup. (the number of Register on the image can be different)

On the end, Click Apply and then OK Button.

1.6. Close the Mach3 Software and run the diagslave.exe (Modbus Slave symulator)

Run Mach3 software. You will see that ModBus service connected to Your IP (see step 2)

1.7. Run our CNC Control App. In the first Run the app Inform you that can't connect to the Modbus server. Write the IP address of your PC machine (see step 2). For the trigger option Go to Section 2

1.8. If the connection is done, you will see the Main screen with your machine location and actual settings.

Important ! If Mach3 is in Reset mode activ, then our App is also in Blocked mode - Stop icon in menu Bar. For safety We agree only manual Reset in Mach3 software (click Restet button in Mach3 software). After this, the control is available in our App.

You can Stop the machine from app (Click the Warning Stop icon), but after this, restart must be manualy form Mach3.

2. OEM Trigger Configuration Mach3

2.1. Go to Mach3 software menu Config->General Config... and enable check box Run Macro Pump, then click OK Button

2.2. Go to Mach3 software menu Config->Ports And Pins Then in Tab Input Signal scroll to the section OEM trig #1-15. Click the cell in Enabled Column for Trigger that you want to use and if needed set the Activ Low (our software use High Active, means (1) if button pressed).

2.3. Go to Mach3 software menu Operator->VB Script Editor Open script Macropump.m1s, or if you don't heve this file, then Create new. In the Script file, write a code for enabled option (OEMTRIG1 to 15) (see step 2). In example we run another script name M2300 or M2302. See also Mach3 Macro Programming

2.4. Closer And Run again Mach3 software, to read new Macropump script.

2.5. In our CNC Control App go to Settings Tab and Select Trigger to Setup. You can put your Button name (Trigger User Name) and make the button Visible in Extra Contol Tab. Important! if Something don't work, go to Ports and Pins menu and check if you enabled Oem trigger that you want use.

After first config, the normal runing is simple:

1. Run Modbus Server (or add to windows start program)

2. Run Mach3

3. Run CNC Control App